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Luís Vieira's design work repository.


My name is Luís Vieira and I’m a digital product designer from Porto, Portugal. Although I’ve worked in most of the communication design fields, currently I have my focus in UX design and tackle all the phases in product development.

​​A tag-driven design repository

Here, I aim to document my design life over the years. Every post is a design adventure that is not only “selected work” but something that was meaningful to me, including the decent, the misfits, and the Portfolio Worthy. All content is unashamed and tagged under design.

This is also an opportunity to not let my HTML and CSS get rusty. It uses the “Blankslate theme” for WordPress (link here ↗), so I could develop my own site from scratch and work it as I go. Keep coming by as I play with it often.

Care to reach out? Mail me here or find me @ Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.