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App clipboard in dark and light modes


“Yes, it’s all about Cmd-C’s”

“You work fast. We know that. You copy-paste, fire clicks and double clicks, use shortcuts, jump from browsers to apps and round again. What we propose is to power-up your clipboard and work even faster, with less app switching and effortless access to all those important Cmd-C’s you did. Yes, it’s all about Cmd-C’s…”

This is the paragraph that best summarises this app. It’s a productivity app designed by me and developed by Miguel Teixeira ↗ . Take a look at this “Fresh And From Scratch” project.

  • Logo construction phases
  • logo mark
  • ClipToCloud logo


Landing page 01
Landing page 02
Landing page 03
Landing page 04

Screens for the App Store

  • Intro
  • Never Lose a Clip
  • Quick Access, Quick Pastes
  • Organize Relevant Clips in Folders
  • Sync With All Your Devices