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Luís Vieira's design work repository.

Webmail cover

Webmail platform–WL

WL is for White Label.

This project is a white label take on a webmail platform for clients who need a reliable service with a chance to shine their brand. We’re talking about a fairly complex application with several modules that talk to each other.

The solution was to keep it minimal and lite, yet with clearly defined hierarchies and “branding” splashes of color.

Initial design concept

Then, constraints happened…

Based on the open source Horde framework ↗ the original concept was not possible. Resources were low, so I had to role up my sleeves and style it myself.

It’s a good thing when you have to design as you code, and I had a blast learning and playing with Sass.

Implemented version

How it started vs how it ended.
Searching mail
Using webmail